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I do not regret it

  • 2013.05.10 Fri 

Not prada bags do not jump prada handbags uk back once prada handbags outlet, even if parted ways, I will not blame you, I do not have a good grasp of opportunity, loss of your beautiful prada handbags outlet. So many years, polyethylene or also scattered, or even wandering, but I do not regret it, because I have been so crazy prada uk sale prada handbags outlet over you, is so dead prada uk sale collapsed ground. I the rudder forget in your life, always stays in your dreams, that kind of hard work in the rough sea, sparking a blossoming spray, then the prada Bags UK flawless.

Heard prada bags uk such a quiet story in a very lively party. A farmer is a temple to send tofu, see the monks sitting there all day, enjoy it very curious request to join into the experience. Not prada bags sale prada bags sale owe him some years ago from the sum of tofu payments have not yet returned just sat down, immediately got up and rotation to find someone to collect debts. Lo it was ridiculed bit farmers can not tell the severity of the tradeoffs. In my opinion this is an epochfable. The important the bean curd money than static, but the truth is that static is the most important.

I can not forget

  • 2013.05.10 Fri 

I'm really good prada bags sale, really good prada handbags outlet for you, but that will become a painful memory. But I prada bags uk I really see a touching look of your prada bags uk prada bags sale, also prada Bags Sale and snuggle with you, as good prada handbags outlet to tide over. Those would be a prada bags sale method, do not know can become a reality. I do not know when, as before, to see you, I do not know you told me is so dependent on all my prada bags sale method like movies, wandering in my dreams.

Maybe that dream can become a reality, and may also be able to empty. If I re once, I was, as always, prada handbags outlet, know swear inalienable. I have on prada bags sale your body, smell a fragrance of orchids, then soak into the depths prada uk sale spleen, I prada handbags times you captured the hearts of so hopeless, you prada bags uk, you modesty, your wellbehaved, gentle, and so on, really, really I can not forget, you're my prada handbags outlet to rely on the prada UK sale in your suffering.

Niece on the object being unreasonable

  • 2013.04.28 Sun 

Autumn comes, the fatherand prada bags uk suffering from multiple cerebral infarction. Cheap prada bags and the onset of winter, the father is hospitalized again, and lived there for six months, and never came back from the hospital. Life overgrown with weeds of trouble, often due to some trivial frowning, due to the problems of children and bristle. Children is not easy. Nephew graduated from junior high school to go to the city to read the book for five years, work has not landed. Large niece married a few months due to health reasons, took the child destroyed.

Niece on the object being unreasonable, consuming too much energy prada uk dyed Lianglv of white hair in my temples, steep Tim, how many thoughts in my heart, quietly slipped away, pull could not pull. In the north this winter, I like sentimental girl hiding in the boudoir latitude, often step into a memory rivers stare silently. The previous year after the Spring Festival, the father's blood pressure was reduced to between 4060, hospitalized two weeks, hit a onemonthpin. Improved motherinlaw rheumatoid went to attending zhangdian Jinan, followed by another mother insomnia and anxiety, was diagnosed with nervous depression.

There may be a reason

  • 2013.04.28 Sun 

If I do not have to wear so much, if I do not adhere to wash with cold water, if I had my hair blown dry, and if I do not buy electric heating fan, perhaps not catch a cold, but unfortunately it was too late. To induce a cold basic work done, this winter is good. In previous years, I do not wear boots, wearing a thin pair of shoes, a pair of socks not thick line, but I could never frozen feet. Will suffer this year, take turns to wear two pairs of boots, or wear clothing with a pair of cold feet. I thought, people are still pungent. Year studying in the city, I remember very clearly, that several prada bags sale winter.

I was wearing a Qiuku winter, did not feel out of prada handbags sale 'd remember 39 cold days, cold water bath, frozen whole body from chicken skin pimple. Goose bumps really a good thing, prada outlet those winter I have not had a cold. There may be a reason, that is, the young, fire, small disaster can not get to the body of a minor illness. This is not to say, the age of this thing do not speak the slightest affair, no matter how you retain it, it is still so dutybound to go its own way. Not worth mentioning. The time of youth is not about feelings, wrinkles on my forehead carved a prada bags.

Wind and how much has nothing

  • 2013.04.24 Wed 

Brightening sky, I hold back the night urine, can not wait to go out and solve. Night winds, my crooked rodeo blown down, the other end of the hardworking old cattle prada shoes sale wet one, and constantly tossed the tail prada bags uk of tree sub, it is green all year round, but can not resolve the loneliness of my soul. Wind and how much has nothing to do with the season, but it has some kind of close ties with the period of childhood memories.

Childhood I live Dong Jia Diaojiaolou, and one to the windy season, the middle of the night often winds roar awakened. Prada shoes sale the night, the wind kept slapping the door that's prada bags sale not strong enough windows, glass and off the nails friction issue clatter, when the sound of clatter, I deeply bald hid under the covers, unknowingly, back into sleep.

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